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Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Postgraduate Programmes at Jio Institute

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

From building and deploying industry-scale AI models to learning theoretical as well as practical foundations of ‘AI Thinking’, the postgraduate programme in AI & Data Science will enable learners to transform enterprises and societies from merely ‘Data-rich’ to ‘AI-first’.

Digital Media & Marketing Communications

Situated at the intersection of technology, marketing, and analytics, the postgraduate programme in Digital Media and Marketing Communications explores the interplay between content, communications, and decision-making, and prepares students for a range of careers in the digital media ecosystem.

Coming Soon

From learning to navigate the digital and data-intensive future of journalism to producing high-quality reportage across mediums, the programme will train the next generation of journalists to be socially cognisant and industrially relevant.


Dr. Larry Birnbaum

Programme Mentor, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Jio Institute

Professor, Computer Science, Northwestern University, USA

Dr. Shailesh Kumar

Programme Mentor, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Jio Institute

Chief Data Scientist, Center of Excellence in AI/ML, Reliance Jio

Dr. Frank Mulhern

Programme Mentor, Digital Media & Marketing Communications, Jio Institute

Associate Dean of Research and Executive Director of Academic Programs in San Francisco, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, USA

Curriculum highlights

Every programme at Jio Institute has an element of holistic learning, global exposure, and experiential learning in its curriculum.